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Notifications and invitations

Your home page shows the most recent changes.

The home page of your annotate account shows the latest activity on documents and folders you have access to. It records new notes and replies, invitations that have been issued or accepted and other changes that may be of interest such as adding or removing documents.

For new notes, the full text is shown. Clicking on the note takes you to the corresponding place in the document.

You can preview new documents in-place without leaving the page by clicking on the document icon.


Any open invitations to share documents or folders are listed on the right with buttons to accept or decline. If you follow a link from an email message to a shared item, then that is also counted as accepting the invitation.

To removed a shared item from your account, simply delete it. This will not remove it from the owner's space. It just removes your access to it.

Notification settings

Your current notification settings are shown at the bottom of the right-hand column on your home page along with links to change them. The links take you to your account page where you can also change other items including your user name and password.

If notifications are enabled, you have options between receiving them in a daily digest, once an hour, or once every 10 minutes. If you are waiting for comments on a document the last option gives rapid notification of activity by other users, but may result in a lot of messages if you keep it on all the time. These settings can be changed at any time and take effect immediately.

You can choose to treat documents that belong to other people differently from your own documents for notifications purposes. The two possibilities are to receive no notifications about changes to such documents or to have them bundled in a daily digest.

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