Image annotation

A.nnotate lets you mark and annotate regions of images in documents, web pages and uploaded image files (JPEG, PNG, GIF).

Step by step

  1. Register or login - all you need is an email address.
  2. Go to the "Documents" page in the top menu and click "Upload...".
  3. Select the image file or the document containing the images. Once uploaded the image will be displayed in the browser.
  4. Click anywhere on the image to start selecting the mouse and then drag out a box or use the green borders to adjust the selection.
  5. The dropdown menu at the top of the note editor lets you change the shape and style.

There are a range of region styles and border colors to choose from. It runs in most common browsers and there is no software to install so it is the ideal tool for groups who need to discuss and revise images, designs, plans and other graphic media.

It is easy to adjust the border to pick a precise region.

People are using A.nnotate's image annotation capabilities to:

  • Highlight errors, corrections and suggestions on web designs
  • Check and mark proofs prior to printing
  • Annotate plans and designs in discussion with colleagues or clients
  • Discuss features of graphs and scientific images
  • Name people in photos

You can upload images on their own (as .jpg, .png or .gif files) or embedded in PDF, Word or Powerpoint documents.

If you aren't already registered, try it now! There is no obligation and it is free for up to 30 pages a month.