As informed via e-mails and banners on this website, we have closed A.nnotate on the 30th of November 2023, and you no longer have access to your A.nnotate account or workspace. If you have any questions, please check below.

A.nnotate closure FAQ

Why has a.nnotate retired the a.nnotate service?

Although they have a small following of enthusiastic users, the a.nnotate service was no longer generating enough revenue to support the costs of maintaining them. As a business we made the decision to retire the a.nnotate service and focus our efforts and resources on other products within the a.nnotate group portfolio.

When was the a.nnotate service closed down?

The a.nnotate service was retired with effect from 29 November 2023.

From 30 November 2023: The a.nnotate service will be fully retired. Your a.nnotate account will be closed and you will no longer be able to access the a.nnotate service. All data and files stored in your a.nnotate account will be deleted within 3 months.

What happened to the documents and annotations I had uploaded to a.nnotate?

When the a.nnotate service retired on 30 November 2023, all documents, and annotations (including documents and annotations added by any users who you have invited) will be deleted within three months.

Can a.nnotate download my documents and annotations for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to download your documents and annotations for you. We made the download process simple so that users can easily perform the download themselves. The service has now closed so download is no longer possible.

What happens if I do nothing between now and 29 November 2023?

If did nothing between notification and 29 November 2023, your a.nnotate account was automatically closed down on 30 November 2023. You no longer have access to your a.nnotate account after 30 November 2023. Your documents and annotations will be deleted within three (3) months of account closure.

a.nnotate's Privacy Policy continues to apply. You can view this here.

Further Information / Support

Questions around data protection should be directed to privacy@annotate.com and all others to close@annotate.com