Standalone Servers for Small and Medium Enterprises

With a standalone server license you can install and run the A.nnotate server on your own hardware behind your firewall. You benefit from no upload limit, secure local storage, and the ability to integrate with existing systems via the Integration API.

Document and note storage is completely under your own control and, for example, lets you comply with data protection and security requirements where documents should not leave the site. Using the API, the server can be smoothly connected to existing content management and user authentication systems.

Prices are based on an annual fee per server depending on the number of users. Please get in touch explaining your requirements for more details.


The A.nnotate server uses PHP 5 and a range of custom modules. It can be installed on a Linux server with Apache, a Windows server with Apache, a Max OSX server with Apache or a Windows server with IIS. A.nnotate can happily co-exist with other web applications running on the same server as long as it has its own subdomain or is in a directory that is protected from the root application.