Logging in

If you have forgotten your password, use the "reminder" link on the login page to have it emailed to you. If your address is not recognized and you have more than one email addresses, remember to use the one you signed up with. Your email is not case sensitive so capitalized and lower case ones will refer to the same account.


A.nnotate and Annotate.co

In 2014 we launched our new service on Annotate.co - the original A.nnotate.com has been running since 2008 and will be supported for existing customers - but new features will appear on the new site.

See the links on the left of the page for in-depth information on the a.nnotate site, and the tour of the new annotate.co version

Document problems

Some PDF documents, particularly scans, look like text but are actually just images. If you have control of the scanning process then running the OCR (character recognition) option with it often helps: even if the OCR isn't perfect, it tells A.nnotate where the text is so you can select and annotate it.


Web snapshots

Occasionally we come across a website where snapshots aren't displayed correctly or can't be annotated yet. If you find one of these, please let us know. Usually it is because they use a stylesheet that interferes with A.nnotate's own components.


If you are experiencing slow or stalling uploads, do let us know. Sometimes this is because of local network security configurations. In that case, the best solution may be to try an in-house server.



We test on Firefox 3, Internet Explorer (IE) 8, IE7, Safari, Chrome and IE6. IE6 is no longer supported by Microsoft and some A.nnotate display features are not available. If you experience problems and are able to upgrade to a newer browser, we strongly recommend it.

Whatever browser you use, JavaScript must be enabled. A.nnotate is written in JavaScript.