A.nnotate enterprise solutions

The same technology as is used on A.nnotate.com is available for in-house installation. An A.nnotate Enterprise Server provides your users with a standalone annotation and document management solution.

The Integration API adds the capability to connect it with existing systems, for example to add a document viewing and annotation panel to a CMS, extract annotations for populating a database, or synchronize user accounts between systems.

A.nnotate Enterprise Server

An A.nnotate server offers individuals and groups within your organization all the benefits enjoyed by users of the hosted solution. In addition you get:

  • Local storage: documents are kept on your own network behind your firewall
  • Unlimited uploads: licenses allow unlimited use by a given number of users
  • Fast access: only uses your internal network
  • Complete control: document location, backups and lifecycle are under your control

For sensitive documents that should stay on-site, an Enterprise Server is the ideal solution. You get all the benefits of a mature web service that is routinely used by thousands of people while having your own private instance within your organization.

With a range of licenses, servers can be deployed by a single team on their own hardware or centrally for hundreds of employees at one go. Enterprise servers customers come from a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, insurance, healthcare, research, education and government.

You can purchase a license to run a single instance of the server for a particular group, or roll it out across the organization on a per-user annual license. For further information or to discuss your requirements please get in touch.

Integration API and plugin Modules

A.nnotate can be used in conjunction with existing web based document management systems. The API provides a web services interface to the server for adding documents, configuring user data, extracting annotations and managing the user interface. It offers:

  • Sharing documents with existing systems: links can easily be set up to open documents in A.nnotate for adding notes.
  • Shared user IDs and single login: user accounts can be set up automatically and authenticated from other systems.
  • Data import and extraction for automatically generating annotations to be viewed in A.nnotate or extracting user-generated notes into other systems.
  • Embedding the A.nnotate document view within pages created by a different application.

The API lets you combine A.nnotate with existing systems in a range of ways, from simply mirroring documents on demand into A.nnotate for on-line annotation, to a tight integration where the annotatable view of a document is embedded within an existing web application. The API comes with extensive documentation and examples to enable your IT staff to achieve a rapid and reliable integration.

In addition to the standard API, licensees get access to a growing collection of modules and plugins for use with some of the most popular enterprise content management and document management systems. The license includes full source code access to these modules that can be used as is or customized to meet your specific requirements.

If you need help integrating A.nnotate with your system, or need special components for particular tasks, we will be happy to provide a quote for custom development. Please get in touch.