Server installation, support and integration

This section is for customers who have purchased or are considering purchasing standalone server licenses for local installation. It explains how to install and configure the A.nnotate server on your own hardware. It also covers the use of the API for developers who wish to integrate the server with existing applications.

If you are an A.nnotate end user and the User guide and FAQ have not answered your support questions, then please get in touch.


The server and modules installation guides are intended for sytem managers who are installing the standalone A.nnotate server. The embedding guide and API documentation are for developers who wish to integrate A.nnotate with existing systems either on a one-off basis or as part of a combined product for resale.

  • Server installation guide: how to install and configure a local A.nnotate server to accept PDF documents and snapshots of web pages.
  • Modules installation guide: installing additional modules to import other document formats (.doc, .docx, .xls etc) and provide better feedback during document upload.
  • Embedding: how to use A.nnotate to provide document display and annotation capabilities within an external web application using a simple HTTP GET protocol. It shows how to hide the A.nnotate banner and show your own icons and branding in its place.
  • Integration API (with part 2 and part 3): programatically uploading documents, managing users, setting document permissions and fetching annotations for further processing.

API key features checklist

The following features are available as standard through the API to all server customers. Unless otherwise stated, data returned from the server is in JSON format.

  • Adding and removing users
  • Adding, moving, renaming and removing documents
  • Creating, moving, renaming and deleting folders
  • Fetching document metadata
  • Fetching annotations on a document
  • Hiding particular GUI components: menu bar, document metadata, menu options, annotation styles etc
  • Locking and unlocking documents
  • Setting per-user annotation privileges
  • Substituting custom components for the A.nnotate note editor and note display

If you require control over aspects that are not in the above list, we may be able to customize the server for your needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.