A.nnotate Integration API

It is possible to integrate the A.nnotate capabilities to provide a PDF, Word or Web annotation component within your own web applications. It can be used with your own installation of an A.nnotate standalone server.

Enabling annotation on your web site

The simplest way to enable A.nnotate capability on your web pages is to add the A.nnotate buttons and links. This allows your users to keep private / shared notes on your web pages, and all you need to do is add a special link to each page.

Embedding an A.nnotate panel in your own web application

The Guide to embedding A.nnotate in your own application shows how you can include an iframe for displaying a PDF / Word document within your own web application. You can hide the A.nnotate banner and show your own icons / branding in its place. The interface is based on a simple HTTP GET API for specifying the PDF / Word document to display. Sample code is supplied in PHP, but you can use the API from any web programming language or framework (JSP / ASP / .net / Python / Perl etc)

Integrating annotation features on your website

It is possible to use A.nnotate to enable annotation on your own website or content management system, and you can even replace the A.nnotate user interface with your own custom versions of notes and notebox. See the guide to running A.nnotate on your web pages and the advanced guide if you would like to customize the look and feel.

A.nnotate API

The A.nnotate API allows you to control all aspects of a local installation of A.nnotate from your own web application. It uses a web services interface based on HTTP GET and POST, using the language-independent JSON format to exchange structured data.

  • Extracting the annotations in structured form
  • Integration with existing user authentication systems
  • Setting initial tag sets for curation tasks

See the A.nnotate API reference for details and sample code.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements as we are very interested in connecting the A.nnotate system to existing applications.