A.nnotate as an on-line document viewer for PDF and MS-Word

no fuss high-quality document viewer that loads fast and looks good

Most document viewing software, whether on-line or locally installed, involves opening the whole document first. For large documents this can add considerably to the startup time and if the document has to be downloaded first it can take even longer.

You can link to the document on A.nnotate, or embed the view in your own site.

But when you upload a document to A.nnotate, it separates out the pages first and generates an initial view of each one. So when a visitor wants to see a document, the page images are there ready to be displayed in the browser, giving much quicker access to the content. The page they access loads equally fast whether the document has one page or a hundred.

You can also link to a particular page within a long document and let the viewer see any page equally quickly. By adding notes to selected words or phrases, you can even generate links to places within a page.

Embedding an A.nnotate view

Enterprise and academic customers with a license to the Integration API can embed the A.nnotate document display within their own web applications. Configuration options let you choose the default resolution and which, if any, of the annotation controls to enable on the document.