What does A.nnotate do?

A.nnotate is an online service that lets you attach private or shared notes to documents and images using a web browser. You can use it individually to store and index documents, or within a group to create a shared layer of comments on top of documents. There are many applications, including reviewing draft documents, compiling corrections for future revisions, selecting passages for future reference and general document management. A new version of the service was launched recently on Annotate.co.

Should I use A.nnotate.com or the new version on Annotate.co?

We recently launched a new service on Annotate.co - this builds on the experience developing A.nnotate.com and has Workspaces for managing document review projects. New users should sign up for the new service which will be the focus for new developments - but we'll keep the original service running while customers depend on it.

Is it available only on your servers?

No. Other organizations also run A.nnotate servers for their staff, clients and customers, particularly when dealing with sensitive documents that should not be transferred to external systems. If you are interested in setting up your own A.nnotate server, see the Enterprise Server pages and price list for details.

Do I need to download or install anything?

No. It runs entirely within the web browser so there is nothing extra to install. The current version requires Firefox (Windows, Mac OSX or Linux), Internet Explorer (IE8, IE7 and IE6), Safari or Google Chrome. It requires JavaScript to be enabled, but does not require any plugins such as Adobe Reader, Flash or Java.

Can I try it out?

Yes - just create a free account and upload a document.

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, email support@nnotate.com and we'll remove it from the server.

What can I annotate?

You can annotate documents, images and snapshots of webpages. Documents can be uploaded or emailed as attachments. Accepted document formats include PDF, Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt) and OpenOffice text and presentation formats. Document files are converted on our server to PDF and then into a format suitable for online annotation.

Can I annotate images in the document as well as the text?

Yes. You can select rectangular or oval regions and attach a note - or draw an arrow to a precise point. For uploaded documents, such regions can be marked anywhere on the page. For snapshots, only the images can be annotated (because the position of items on the rest of the page varies according to the browser and window size).

How much does it cost?

There are FREE accounts for individual users that let you upload about 30 new pages a month. If you need more documents you can buy additional pay-as-you-go A.nnotate credits at any time (a few cents per page - 1000 credits is $19.95), or sign up for a regular individual or group subscription at $9.95 per user per month. Note that once a document has been uploaded, you can invite as many people as you like to annotate it for no extra charge.

Licenses for local server installation start at $2995.00 depending on the number of independent user accounts to be hosted on the server.

Can I add A.nnotate capability to my blog or web site?

Yes - it is easy to add an 'annotate this page' button like the one below to your own web page or blog. You can add this button to your web pages completely free of charge. See detailed instructions and sample HTML.

The button above allows your readers to make their own private notes on a personal snapshot of your pages. It is also possible to use A.nnotate to manage detailed public discussion on feedback on your web pages with the button below:-

Once you have registered, go to your account page for details. It includes a customized fragment of HTML that you can insert in your web pages to enable snapshotting and subsequent annotation. This is a good way to collect feedback or corrections on your own website or on documents in your content management system.

Can we run our own A.nnotate server?

Yes, the system is available for licensing for unlimited numbrs of documents. We can configure a dedicated server for your organization, or you can install it in-house (on an intranet for example). See Enterprise Servers for details.

Is there an API?

Yes - you can use A.nnotate as an annotation component within existing web applications, such as content / document management systems and workflow engines. See the API documentation for details.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes. We are currently offering a version of the A.nnotate server for local installation by universities, schools and colleges at a substantial discount.

Can we use A.nnotate for online peer review?

A.nnotate is ideal for making academic peer review easier for journal editors, publishers, authors and reviewers. It can be used on-line to send an annotated version of a paper back to the journal or author. The Integration API can be used to integrate document viewing and annotation capabilities into a web based journal management system.

How do I get a URL link to a note?

You can get a URL link to a specific note on a page using the note sharing dialog - this is useful for posting on a blog. There is also a built-in dialog to post annotations to Twitter.

Who uses A.nnotate?

Many different people worldwide. Researchers use it for sharing notes on PDF papers. Large organizations use it for improving the efficiency of internal document review and feedback processes. Individuals use it to keep track of notes on their documents and snapshots of web pages.

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