Products and pricing

The FREE hosted solution offers single-user accounts for uploading up to 30 pages per month. Documents can be shared with any number of annotators. If you are considering a subscription or server license feel free to try out the free hosted service first.

Hosted solutions Standalone Servers Integration API Academic & educational
  • Immediate startup
  • No setup costs
  • For individuals, groups and small businesses
  • 30 pages a month free
  • Pre-pay or subscription
  • Secure on-line purchase
  • Install on your own hardware
  • Unlimited storage
  • Manage your own security
  • Flexible licensing based on the number of user accounts
  • Fast access - run on your intranet
  • Add annotation capabilities to your web application
  • Flexible configuration
  • Rich API
  • Straightforward customization
  • Available for Linux and Windows servers
  • For schools, universities and colleges
  • All the same benefits as Enterprise servers
  • Flexible licensing with generous discounts
  • Can connect to e-learning systems
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