A.nnotate solutions

saving time and improving productivity

Annotation and discussion of documents and images are central to the way we work. Whether you are providing feedback on a draft, marking an assignment, keeping notes on articles or correcting proofs, working online saves time and makes document management more efficient and productive.

If you couple annotation functions with flexible on-line storage and indexing, you have a system that can help in a wide range of everyday tasks.

Two of the core functions of A.nnotate are PDF annotation and image annotation for use when you want to add notes to a document without changing the original. Such notes could be for private use, or for working in collaboration with colleagues.

The document storage and organization features make A.nnotate a natural choice for document management. The ability to add notes to snapshots of web pages also makes A.nnotate an ideal platform for web research.

All the features of the on-line system are also available for local installation. A growing set of plugins for popular content management systems makes it a natural choice for adding document viewing and annotation features to existing document management systems.

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People using A.nnotate include:

the HR manager who uploads draft job applications and circulates the link to colleagues for comments and approval.
the startup company that uploads images of their website to discuss modifications to their design. The product manager reviews suggestions and tags those they decide to make.
the company director who uploads and tags invoices and other key documents so they can be found at a moment's notice if there is a query.
the professor who uses A.nnotate to send draft grant applications to co-applicants for their feedback and suggestions.
the research student who puts all the research papers she reads into A.nnotate. By marking key sections and adding tags as she reads she builds up an invaluable personal on-line library of indexed papers to refer to in future.
the university music teacher who gets groups of students to annotate music scores online, as scanned PDFs.
the english teacher who sets on-line assignments for students to comment on a text. Each student uploads the document, shares it with the teacher and then writes their own comments. He can reply and add their marks on-line.
the web design company that snapshots their proposals and designed and sends links to clients for their online approval and comments.
the print company that uploads proofs for clients to check the text and layout. Any queries they have are immediately visible and can be responded to then and there.
the software developers who upload design documents to collect comments, manage document workflow, and discuss changes with the entire design team.
You? Have you found a novel or interesting use for A.nnotate? Let us know!

For more details on these and other applications check out the A.nnotate blog.