A.nnotate Buttons - enable annotation on your web pages

You can add an annotate button to your web pages or blog like:

The service is provided completely free of charge; to add this button to your web pages or blog, simply cut and paste the following HTML code:

People reading your page can click the button to make a private copy of the page and attach their own comments. Readers will not see comments made by each other with this button. See below for details of using A.nnotate for public comments.

You can also add a plain text link such as: A.nnotate this page with the following HTML code:

Adding an A.nnotate button makes it easy for your readers to add your web pages to their own private index, making them more likely to return later.

Advanced Options

1. Versioning. If the text of your web page changes, you can change the version number in the link, e.g. from v=001 to v=002. This will ensure that your readers add comments to the latest version of the page.

2. Setting the source page URL. By default, the URL of the page to snapshot is detected automatically from the referring page. You can override this by adding an extra URL parameter to the link, e.g. 'u=http://www.textensor.com'. For example, the following button will let users annotate the Textensor home page:

  Click to annotate a snapshot of www.textensor.com.

The URL needs to be URI encoded for the link to work correctly (e.g. replacing the '/' character with '%2F'). To generate the custom HTML code needed to snapshot a particular URL, paste the link in the area below and click the button.

Enter URL of the page, and the custom HTML code will appear in the text area above:


Using A.nnotate for public feedback and discussion on a web page

The links above allow readers to make their own private copy of a web page and add notes.

To use A.nnotate to provide public comments on a web page, where you and your readers can see and reply to each others notes, you can add a button like the one below:-

See your Account page for details of adding a public feedback button to your site. The link will store snapshots of your pages and notes to your personal account. You will be able to read and reply to comments left by readers of your web pages.