Moodle module for online grading and providing feedback on PDF and Word documents

A.nnotate can be used to provide an online assignmnent module for the open source Moodle course management system in use at many schools and universities worldwide. This allows teachers to attach detailed feedback to assignments submitted as Word or PDF documents. Notes can attached to particular words, phrases or paragraphs so you no longer need to print out assignments: you can give feedback online. Students can even reply to your comments if they need further clarification or help.

The Moodle plug-in for A.nnotate fits in as a new Assignment module, which includes a view with the document inline in the Moodle 'View assignment' page. Comments and feedback can be attached to the text. On updating, the student will see a link to the same document with all your feedback.

With the A.nnotate plugin, Moodle can display PDF and Word documents directly in the browser so you can add notes to the text or regions of the page.

The standard list of assignments includes a link to the annotatable version of each document:

By default, the plugin adds a link from each assignment to the annotatable version.

Requirements and Availability

To use the Moodle plugin, your institution needs a local installation of the A.nnotate server which is available at substantial discounts for academic and educational use.

The plugin itself will be released as a free open source Moodle component. It is currently in beta testing. Please contact us if you would like to try the beta version or to be informed when the full release is available.