Integration API pricing

To integrate A.nnotate with in-house systems you just need a license for the Standalone Server to cover the desired number of users - this now includes as standard access to the Integration API

The API includes extensive examples, sample code and documentation.

Integration options

The A.nnotate API has been developed in conjunction with customers who use A.nnotate in a variety of configurations. These range from from displaying system generated annotations through embedding the annotatable document view on its own to using the complete system as-is but automatically generating user accounts. There are certain features, such as setting per-user annotation privileges on shared documents, that are accessible only through the API in an embedded context.

Should you need access to parts of the system that are not yet exposed, we will be happy to consider extensions. Some work may fit within the normal upgrade cycle and for other cases we will quote for development work to build a custom system. Please get in touch with any enquiries.

A.nnotation components for third party applications

Where you are developing systems for resale that require document annotation capabilities we will be happy to work with you to achieve the smoothest possible integration. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.